What Is Cerakote And Why People Love It

cerakote coatingCerakote is a very popular, affordable and easy to use finish that can be used on wood, plastic, polymers and metal. The liquid, ceramic based finish enhances hardness, impact strength, abrasion, chemical, corrosion and wear resistance along with other physical performance properties of the materials on which it is used. Developed by NIC Industries, it is the leading coating used by firearms manufacturers. Many people also have a Cerakote coating added to their rifles and other firearms after purchase. It is highly recommended by firearms owners because of how effective it is in protecting the finish.

Using Cerakote

When Cerakote is to be added to a firearm, that firearm is broken down into its individual parts, degreased and the surface prepared. Cerakote is evenly sprayed on the parts and they are then baked to ensure full cure. Some people opt for air curing Cerakote, but on firearms baking has shown to be a far superior coating method. Applying a thin layer of Cerakote protects firearms without negatively impacting their ability to function. When the bolts are brushed or the firearm has tight tolerance custom actions, special care is required when adding Cerakote.

After Market Use

Cerakote can even be used to put a new protective coat on a firearm on which another coating product has been previously used. However, its essential the old coating be removed as part of the prepping process. Pits, rust and machine marks should be removed before using Cerakote because the super-thin coat of Cerakote used does not mask the imperfections that are present. Many people like that because it means all but the very lightest etchings and engravings will remain visible. Some aftermarket coating professionals remove rust, pits or other flaws without charging an additional fee.

Colors Available

Cerakote is available in about 90 colors. Silver and titanium are also available. Graphite black is the color that’s most popular. Even the scope of the rifle can be coated scopes to ensure it matches the rifle’s body. Satin or matte finishes are also available for people using Cerakote on their firearms. The coat can be used on the barreled action, bottom metal, mag box, pins, screws, swivel studs, triggers and all other attached metal parts. Jewell and other aftermarket triggers as well as the sear are not coated.

Why People Use Cerakote

Cerakote has proven to be more durable than standard powder coats, industrial paints and even DuraCoat and IonBond in rigorous testing. It can even be used to dip camo without having to apply a clear coat to protect the finish. Cerakote can protect firearms against elevated temperatures, salt spray, fog, oils, acetone, gun scrubbers and corrosive environments and prolong their lives. It can last as much as 12 times longer than many other types of coatings. When it comes to abrasion protection, no other type of coating even comes close to what Cerakote offers.

The H-Series Cerakote is the most durable standard Cerakote product while C-Series Cerakote finishes can withstand up to 1700 degrees.