How To Tell If A Psychic Is Real or Fake?

Like any industry or profession, there are good psychics and there are bad psychics. And, then, on a whole different level there are fake psychics, bent on scamming you out of your money any way that they can.

It is essential to avoid these fake psychics altogether and find one that is honest, ethical, and experienced. You wouldn’t want to visit just any old doctor, lawyer, or accountant, so why would you settle on the first psychic reader you come across?


Above all else, the key here is to be patient. Depending on where you live, it can be hard to find a reliable and reputable psychic reader that has an opening to see you. It might take a few days to find a perfect match but believe me waiting to find the perfect psychic will greatly pay off when it comes to your reading.

Below are a few more great tips on how to tell if a psychic is real or fake.

1.   Leading Questions

 Fake or scam psychics often ask a lot of leading questions early on in a meeting. This is a technique they use to improve their guessing ratio when giving you a reading. It is also a way for them to find out things you are desperate about – such as a breakup, job loss, etc – and then use this information to scare you.

A legitimate psychic generally does not ask leading questions. Instead, they receive their reading and relay this information to their guest without help.

2.   Vague, General Messages

 Psychic mediums (those that communicate with spirits) should always identify the spirit they are communicating with. They should be able to tell you their name, how they passed, how old they were when they died, and how long ago they died. The best psychic mediums will also be able to describe what they looked like and what their personality was like without asking any leading questions and without any help from you.

There is a good chance that a psychic medium that is not able to give you this information upfront is unreliable and probably a fake. An even greater red flag is when they present vague, general information as a way of getting a reaction from you to find out more about your deceased loved one.

3.   The Curse

 Any psychic or psychic medium that claims you are cursed or that a spell is upon you is not to be trusted. The curse is one of the oldest scams in the game.

The fake psychic uses fear to manipulate you by telling you that you are cursed. They will often claim that they can cure you for a very high fee. Much of the time they will also tell you that they are the only person in the world that can help you get rid of the curse.

4.   Personal Information

 The biggest red flag of is a psychic that asks for any of your personal information such as your social security number, driver’s license number, or bank account number. There is absolutely no reason why they would need any of this. In fact, as you probably know, you should never give this information out in the first place.

 Finding a Legit Psychic Reader

 Finding a legitimate psychic really isn’t all that hard. Keep the above tips in mind, be patient, and use your common sense (and gut feeling) and you’ll find a reliable psychic reader in no time at all.