Antifungal Dog Shampoo – A Complete Owner’s Guide

dog shampooOur furry little friends deserve the best type of care. As you know, dogs are susceptible to a number of infections.

Yeast infections are caused by a normal component of your dog’s skin called Malassezia, which only becomes infectious under certain conditions. Some of the factors that cause Malassezia to overgrow into the pathogen that causes the infections include:

  • Dogs with skin folds are more likely to get yeast infections; the reason being the excessive skin folds are suitable breeding grounds for fungal growth.
  • Hot and humid climate. It thrives in these conditions and dogs in this climate are more likely to get a yeast infection.
  • Foods that are high in sugar content accelerate the growth of the pathogens causing fungal infections.

Unfortunately, some fungal infections are much worse than yeast infections. Infections such as Candidiasis causes skin lesions, weakness and diarrhea, valley fever causes major respiratory problems and cryptococcosis might require surgery in severe cases.

The good news is that getting the right antifungal shampoo for your dog can take care of all these nasty infections if caught early enough. You should consult your vet to validate your choice of shampoo. However, some popular shampoos are known to clear fungal infections in dogs. You should opt for these or something similar:

  • Vet Solutions Universal medicated shampoo, which is very potent and effectively kills harmful bacteria and fungus on your dog’s skin. It is also very mild so your dog will not be harmed.
  • SynergyLabs’ shampoos are known to be one of the best. Other than fighting off fungal infections, they are also great in preventing skin rashes and greasy hair on your dog.
  • Bayer Maseleb Pet Shampoo is also a great choice for your pet. It is fragrance-free and has proved very effective against fungal infections.

Nootie makes an antifungal dog shampoo that works– they also offer pet grooming products, both medicated and oatmeal shampoos- which reviewers on Amazon rave about their effectiveness for fungal infections and other bacterial infections as well.

There a few things you should take care to observe:

  • Never use human shampoo on your dog.
  • Alcohol-based shampoos are not good for your pets since they are known to cause skin cancer.
  • Always ensure that your dog is not allergic to any of the components in the shampoo before you purchase it.
  • Buy organic or natural shampoos as they tend to be the safest.
  • Make sure your dog does not ingest the shampoo. It might be harmful.

If you love your pets, you will want the best for them so do not be afraid to splurge a little on shampoo that will work effectively in keeping your dog healthy.

4 Reasons To Give Glucosamine To Your Dog

dogCats and dogs, as they reach their old age start to experience what all living things have to go through. Be it a man, woman, cat, dog, or a horse, all of these and many other types of organisms get to an age where the naturally produced fluids in the body start to decrease gradually. Every part, no matter how small, helps in running the body of an organism smoothly. As the old age approaches, people slow down. It is because even though not a lot would confess, of the ever decreasing fluids in your joints keeping them well lubricated. This is exactly the case with dogs.

When a dog stays with you for a long time you basically witness its youth and then its old age. The diagnosis that you or any other observer would then provide for an old dog would be based on the fact that the dog will be seen slouching, showing reluctance in climbing stairs, going on walks with you, etc.

With research it was found that the reason behind these actions of dogs is the lack of production of glucosamine and chondroitin. Glucosamine and chondroitin are effective in improving dog’s joint health. They are initially present in a dog’s body in large quantities. Therefore, it is recommended that a dog be fed with glucosamine and chondroitin supplements. It obviously will not decrease the dog’s age but some of the effects of old age will be countered.

One, glucosamine is a natural substance therefore no matter how much intake, it does not have many side effects. Or at least, the side effects resulting from a supplement digested will be from the share of the supplement that contains ingredients other than glucosamine.

Two, it won’t just take care of the rough bones that resulted due to the use of ill-lubricated joints but also restore them to the time of the dog’s youth. And it will all be natural since the main element of the supplement is natural.

sad dogThree, it is also anti-inflammatory, therefore, all the inflammations caused in the body due to old age will be taken care of. And the body, if not from the outside, then at least from the inside will be of a body of a dog’s youth.  This will lessen the need for animal insurance and reduce potential veterinary bills.

Four, the pain medications normally given to the dogs for the sole reason of taking care of old age pain, the use of them can be completely eliminated. Glucosamine, when ingested, basically removes the root cause of pain so dogs do not have to opt for pain medication which only reduces pain and doesn’t treat the root cause of the problem.

It is given that as a pet owner you love your pet and would like to make it suffer less and less in its old age. Glucosamine can help. Here’s one product that seems to have good reviews on Amazon: